Defining the future direction

Coinciding with EDL’s 10th anniversary, the family-owned laminate business was undergoing a generational change, which gave reason to reflect over past successes and future business objectives. 

EDL approached Bravo to help navigate the refresh of its brand identity. As EDL planned to launch its products internationally, the key challenge was to make the brand relevant for audiences beyond building contractors. 


More than a surface

We immersed ourselves in EDL’s product offerings and discovered the endless possibilities that laminates offer. From flooring and kitchen counter tops to art installations, laminate is truly a versatile material that allows creativity to unfold.


Experiences that inspire

Guided by EDL’s philosophy to ‘Inspire Experiences’, we shifted the focus of the brand towards home owners, designers, architects and artists, celebrating the creative possibilities laminate offers. This was reflected in the brand collaterals that were designed to inspire and excite with tactile finishings and patterns.

In order to keep the focus on EDL’s extensive library of laminate, we designed a minimal logo that celebrates a myriad of different interior styles. 


We developed and created the identity for EDLX – a platform for creative collaborations with designers, architects and more. 

For every co-lab, we designed wayfinding systems as well as a suite of printed materials, ranging from direct mailer invitations to brochures and interactive door gifts.

EDL Division

We designed the brand identity for EDL Division – an elevated showroom experience that feels like a gallery, celebrating materials and creative collaborations.


A future legacy

Our work enabled EDL to carve out a new position, disrupting the laminate market in Asia by opening up new segments and leading creative collaborations.

“Bravo presented a clear strategy and through their creative vision, we were able to connect with new audiences and set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

Daphne Lim

Director, EDL