Who is EDL?

EDL is a family-owned laminate business that creates beautiful spaces with beautiful materials. The brand was set to make its mark on the international stage, while the next generation took over the reins. With this transition, EDL took on an opportunity to embrace new ideas, which meant a refresh in its brand identity – to make what’s old become new.


Our relationship with EDL began with work on simple collaterals and marketing materials. Later on it became apparent that EDL had the potential to unlock more in its brand identity and purpose. However, it was restricted by its existing branding.


By shifting its target audience towards the creative types and homeowners, EDL found a new generation of brand advocates that could help the brand’s influence resonate further beyond contractors. In order to showcase its versatility, a minimal logo design allowed it to adaptable to its varied range of laminates, while retaining the simplicity of the brand.

To bring EDL beyond just a product offering, EDLx became a platform for collaboration, for a community of creatives. From fashion labels and jewellery to artists, EDL became a space that inspired beyond the locus of interior design. The EDL Division was founded to elevate a showroom to a gallery celebrating creative possibilities, to inspire through and immersive experience.


In celebration of its tenth-year anniversary, EDL transformed from a brand that sits as a player within the wide industry of laminates, to setting itself apart as a creative innovator for the next generation of creatives and homeowners alike.