What Reflaunt Does

Fashion and technology have always been separate worlds – until now. Backed by industry powerhouses Vogue and Balenciaga, Reflaunt brings fashion full circle, with just one click. Its blockchain technology empowers retailers and brands to embrace circular fashion with ease. By uniting the currently fragmented and disconnected secondhand marketplaces, ‘reflaunting’ preloved items becomes a lot easier and less time-consuming on the seller’s end, and paves the way for sustainability in the industry.

The Brief: Finding Its Voice

Stephanie Crespin, CEO of Reflaunt, embarked on a mission to build a world of positive consumption, by bridging luxury brands with secondhand marketplaces, so they can implement efficient circular models and empower consumers to see fashion’s long-lasting value. The challenge is to communicate that to the world in the simplest way possible.

Approach: A Fashion-First Approach

Putting the fashion in tech, we used subliminal visual cues drawn from industry design principles to magazines, including serif typefaces and geometric elements.
Reflaunt is built on the backbone of changing the world of fashion with technology. While fashion is expressive and inclusive, tech brings the authoritative nature to the brand. Reflaunt becomes a genuine, authentic brand that is direct and relatable, without being too profound.

Results: Leading Change

With a look that unites tech intelligence and fashion consumption, and content that connects fashion’s key stakeholders, Reflaunt is ready to lead the change, and be the voice of authority behind positive consumption.