88% of business cards get chucked within a week. We think that’s a bloody waste of paper. OneGoodCard replaces the traditional business card with a smart card, for the next generation, and forever. Through NFC technology, a single tap of the card on the phone opens up a world of information about you. A new generation means a new way of seeing and doing things. It’s the last business card you’ll need. Ever.


Scrapbooking – a pet project only for bored housewives no more. We reimagined PaperMarket with renewed energy to inspire a new generation of craft creators. It’s scrapbooking with much more personality – younger, fresher and well alive.


Repositioning a family business by changing the conversation


Breathing life into an entire ecosystem

Neuropsychiatry Associates

The brain is a powerful organ that controls your entire body, and acts as the controller of your thoughts, behaviour and the way you feel. Neuropsychiatry Associates' (NPA) guiding principle: a balanced life begins with a healthy mind.

Sephora 10

A multi-event year-long party 10 years in the making

Nomo Izakaya

Transforming a Spanish restaurant into a temporary pop-up Izakaya

Ground Zero

Post-apocalyptic spin/boxing gym

Alt Pizza

Reintroducing the people's pizza

Nike House of Hoops

Honouring iconic street basketball locations where it all begins

Jinjja Chicken

An immersive fast food restaurant inspired by the fast-paced city life

Zero One Tech Fest

Taking over an abandoned glass factory

Mr. Gee

Meet your new friendly bespectacled teacher


What if the logo grows like your bank account

Capitol Milk Bar

Romance isn't dead. Romance is ice-cream.

Reebok PureMove Bra

Revolutionary sports bra that adapts to your movement

15 Stamford

Creating multiple brands befitting of an iconic heritage building


State-of-the-art tailored security solutions provider


HEYBO is the brighter grain bowl brand that puts tasty and healthy together. Inspired by homecooked meals in cultures around the world, each hearty bowl symbolises more than just food: a warm welcome, an introduction to another culture, and a rainy day comfort. Sunshine in a bowl.


Fashion meets technology to empower the circular economy

Reebok Aztrek

90s called, they want their shoes back


The drama before the party!


Enhance life with every drop – something the industry of medical cannabis has never seen before. A desk staple, a routine, a lifestyle. And someday, CBD oil will go beyond what the doctor has prescribed.

The Gentle Label

Offering products that are 100% true to the organic claim, The Gentle Label seeks to change up an industry ridden with inaccurate labels and products loaded with chemicals.


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