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We’re an independent branding and design consultancy led by Edwin Tan. For more than a decade, we’ve helped category leaders, challengers and start-ups build brands that rock.

No project too big or too small

We tailor each project to match your dreams. What's your dream?





We are a small group of big bravehearts taking over the world one brand at the time. We specialise in not specialising, which is why we work with brands of every size. Across many industries. Around the world.











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If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have a brand. Keep scrolling and you will see how we can help you take your brand beyond your wildest dreams.


Whether you are a founder with an idea on a piece of paper or you work for a corporation looking to embark on a new venture, we help bring new brands to life.


You are looking for someone who can reimagine your brand, what it stands for and how it is relevant for generations to come. From legacy brands to next-gen family businesses, we help define your future vision and make it happen.


You have already launched your brand and are now looking to accelerate growth. With an outsider perspective, we inject new ideas into your business and help define your next move.


You need help to live out your brand, making sure every touchpoint is consistent and aligned with the brand positioning. We help manage your brand, creating content and assets that are in line with the overall art direction.

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We exist to create expressive brands that bring joy to the world. How we do it varies from project to project, but here are some key ingredients:


Branding Whizz-kids

We are a small town agency with big city skills. The secret to great work is the talented people on our team.


Custom Fit

We don’t adhere to one specific house style. Instead, we adapt to the needs of the brief, working on a Custom Fit™ for each individual project.


Design Bravery

We move with curiosity and fearlessness.


Brands your mom loves

We believe graphic design is a language that everyone should be able to understand - even your mom.

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Leave your mark
We bring it
Stay hydrated
Have some decency
Overheard in the office
We deliver
Keep on keeping on
Put on your thinking cap
Relight your fire

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Our Culture

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