The Brief: From Mass to Best

Decadence and greasy indulgences - these are what pizzas are traditionally associated with. As the industry became more saturated, ALT. Pizza needed to match their identity of the alternative pizza place to a wider target audience that reached into the neighbourhoods, supported by insights gained from their years of experience.

Approach: The People's Pizza

Back in 2014, we saw ALT. Pizza as the edgy pizza joint out to set itself apart from its competitors. 5 years later, we painted it over with a more collectivistic touch. Focusing more on the inclusive character of pizza, it shifted from just an after-work social spot to the go-to pizza place for the community everywhere across the island. Inspired by the neighbourhoods they are located in, it became a brand that was as passionate about its pizza, as it was about the people enjoying it, with a new dynamism, authenticity and energy that brought it to life.

Results: The New Friendly Neighbourhood Pizza Place

ALT. Pizza’s new identity represents the new neighbourhood, a distinct community spirit that grew from a rebellious grungy pizza joint to the newest kid on the block. A truly alternative neighbourly pizza place embodying an honesty that connects to the people on the streets, staying close to the culture in the surrounding neighbourhood, and being true to making pizza the people want to eat.

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