Neuropsychiatry Associates

In a stress-burdened world riddled with anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues, Neuropsychiatry Associates (NPA) reimagines the world of mental wellness. Offering comprehensive solutions rooted in science and medicine for better mental health, NPA uses a mind-brain-body approach with innovative technologies to create original wellness solutions for those seeking treatment.

Working with NPA in bringing a visual interpretation of mental wellness, science and emotions to life, we explored how interior design, colour choices and the use of fluid, dynamic movement work in harmony to create safe spaces. Through the use of a calming colour palette, highly tactile stationery and packaging, and a clean, minimalistic styling to the interior design, we brought the focus back to the patient. Far from clinical, and closer to a highly attentive environment, the brand adopted an identity that puts comfort, mental well-being, and a sense of safety amidst a stressful lifestyle at the forefront of its priorities.

Year2020ClientNeuropsychiatry AssociatesLocationSingapore