Jinjja! Chicken

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In step with Changi Airport Terminal 2’s revitalization, the transformation of Jinjja! Chicken into Jinjja! Kitchen epitomizes the power of design evolution. Tasked with infusing the space with a renewed energy while retaining the original layout, the rebranding effort showcases a sophisticated maturity. Gone is the overly playful, theme park-like aesthetic of Jinjja! Chicken. In its place, Jinjja! Kitchen emerges with a confident and refined presence, reflecting a “new retro” Seoul that feels both authentic and current.

The strategic use of a vibrant color palette and meticulous design details not only enhances the ambiance but also aligns seamlessly with the terminal’s rejuvenated aesthetic. This transformation exemplifies how thoughtful updates to visual elements can significantly impact and enrich the dining experience without necessitating structural changes. The reimagined Jinjja! Kitchen stands as a testament to the transformative power of color and creativity, breathing new life into existing spaces with a subtle yet profound elegance.
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